Kansas city / Austin / San Antonio

 Before starting my work in Arizona, let’s explore the South of the USA!!

From 07-08-2013 to 11-08-2013 → Kansas city : famous for her numerous fountains, (more than 200) the BBQ, ans liveshow, Kansas city was also the opportunity to visit my second american cousin : Erik, a jazz musician (I met the first one, Keanan, in Montreal). The advantage to be with a local is to hang out in all the good spots. Kansas city is an interesting city because it consists in different districts, each with their own center of interest. My cousin’s one was intersting in particular for his art museums, the country club plaza for her maroccaine architecture, the dowtown for his old buildings…

August 12th and 13rd → Austin : disappointed about this city without any particular interest, except great liveshows. I was super lucky to have been accommodated by a couchsurfer who slep in a huge suite in a hotel on the dowtown, payed by his company (he is from Atlanta). So, I did not have the choice to enjoy the swimming pool, the free breackfast etc. Ahahah, like a princess.

August 14th : San Antonio : fioufff, a breath of fresh air : a lovely city, very charming and pleasant to walk around (even under 40°C !!!) with her awesome river walk !! But historic buildings  about the Battle of Alamo, a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution (before joined the United States as the 28th state, Texas was first, a Spain colony and then, a part of Mexico) are also very intersting.

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