Second day off –> Chiricahua National Monument

Again, thank you Couchsurfing website →

For my second day off, I made a first ride thursday night from the stable to Tucson with Saguaro shuttle (rum… one hour late) where a couple of couchsurfers were waiting for me. Unfortunatelly,the bad timing made us not able to drive to Safford to spend the night, because the campground close its doors too early. Nevermind, they suggest me, as an alternative solution, to discover some nice bars in dowtown Tucson and go swimming on their pool… Hmmm, sounds not too bad. So departure the day after, friday early in the morning, to hike in Chiricahua National Monument. Because Scott is a airforce pilot (military), the entrance on the park was free for all of us. Ahah.

Just a gorgeous park, a wonderfull walk and a perfect weither (much more cooler than Tucson, 2 hours driving can make a huge difference in the desert!) with lovely people !

It feels sooo good to break the routine and discover the area !!!

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