Third day off –> Joshua Tree National Park

While traveling throught the Majova Desert in 1844, Western explorer John C. Frémont encountered an odd-looking plant and called it « the most repulsive tree in the vegetable kingdom ». But beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. A few years after Frémont’s negative review, a party of Mormon pionners passed throught a grove of these unusual plants, and their reaction was considerably different. In contrast, they thought the uplifted branches evoked the arms of the Hebrew leader Joshua reaching skyward toward the heavens. Thus the name Joshua tree was born.

Far from these explanations, I thought that, just with the light from the car, those wacky trees look like kook characters.

A+ for the Cholla cactus garden, those fluffy plants. Called Teddy Bear cactus or Jump cactus, hard to make a choice. Ready for a painfull cuddle ?!! …

A++ for the impressive brigh and shooting sparkling stars sky. THIS is wild camping !!!

Same car, same people, it was again a great trip, perfect deal to cut the barn routine.

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