Every day life

No day off during my fourth week because I took 2 days off the week after. However, our schedules are quite flexible and I found some cool stuff to do even during my work days, specially with a car….

Yes !!! Big news : I bought a car, her name is « my new ugly old car ». It is a Dodge Caravan 1996. 600$. After few repairs, she runs like new (actually much better than the Volvo…). Wahou, I live again and my social life started. It is never too late. The planning :

  • Swing : I started my swing dance classes approximately 10 times a month from 7 pm to 11 pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Great teachers, nice atmosphere. That’s so cool to dance again and I’m getting better:). Difficult to wake up at 5 am the day after but… Whatever !!

  • Swimming pool : with Sue, the owner of Harper, one of the horse than I’m training, I have a free illimitable access to a beautiful pool just 5 minutes from the ranch. That keeps my afternoon busy.

  • Wildlife : all the animals and bugs still impress me. I saw my first tarantula. Yuck it gives me goose bumps.

  • Friday 13th Amado town : my taste buds discovered again the wonderful test of the fish with a delicious mustard and honey sauce at the restaurant Cow Palace in Amado (their fish is still good!) What a town !! A gas pump, a garage (ah, nope, it closed last year), a grocery shop (ah, nope, it closed 6 months ago), a restaurant, an another restaurant (Ah… Also closed). Rum, so it is a « town », let’s say a restaurant and a gas pump along the highway 19 South.

  • Sunday 15nd : day trip with my 2 co-workers in Tombston. Heyday as a booming mining town the whiskey flowed and six-shooters blazed over disputes large and small, most famously at the OK Corral. Now a National Historic Landmark to its old Western buildings, stagecoach rides and nonstop gunfight reenactments. 300% western movie, incredible ! We even tried to shot, 6$ for 3 balls. That’s cow-girl 😉

  • Thursday 26th: do you ever see 30 cows on the desert ? In my case, it was the first time and I was driving the herd because they will spend the winter in the mountains. Beautiful 5 hours drive across different canyons and multiple cactus. Better than Lucky Luke life, right ?!! Heu… Except that I am not quick off the mark yet.

  • Friday 27th  : for my sixth day-off, let’s hike in Saguaro National Park with Scott and Betsy. The park preserves an amazing forest of stately giant saguaro cacti, interspersed with other Sonoran Desert flora but it’s clearly the giant saguaro cactus that’s on center stage here.  One more time, we feel right in a movie !!

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