Weekly projects

Active week :

  • First of all, important and good news : I have a new roomate. She is a dynamic norwegian young girl, native from Tromso, the same little town as my dear friend Hedda. Such a small world !!!

  • I already brought her to the pool (I swim every day). The other day, I went there after my evening shift, by night, with nobody around, just a bright sky and the noise of the palm trees’ leaves. Sooo nice.

  • We also went to a concert in Tubac, little, small tiny hippy town near Amado. Global Change Multimedia, a non profit organization, brought them here. Dustbowl Revival is a roots collective from Venice (California) that merges old school bluegrass, gospel, jug-band, swamp blues and the hot swing of the 1930’s to form a spicy roots cocktail! It is just an AMAZING and fun live band. Such a great time.

  • Biosphere 2 : about 35 miles away from downtown Tucson via backcountry roads, it is a 3-acre glassed dome (it remains the largest closed system created) housing seven separate microhabitats designed to be self-sustaining. In 1991 eight bionauts entered Biosphere 2 for a two-year tour of duty, during which there were physically cut off from the outside world. They emerged thinner, but in fair shape. It explored the use of closed biospheres in space colonization. Although it almost had been sold to a residential home developer including homes and a resort hotel, the massive glass-structure is now a University of Arizona-run earth science research institute.

    Something to think about for a while, right ?!!

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