9th and 10th days-off –> Flagstaff and Sedona

2 more days-off. Wahou, time flies by. My two favorite accomplices, Scott and Betsy, came with me.

  • Flagstaff : « Flagstaff’s laid-back charms are myriad, from its pedestrian-friendly historic downtown ». Hummmmm, I always tend to forgot that I’m not in Europe. So let’s say that Flagstaff is a good meeting point enjoy the wilderness and all of those hiking activities.

    • Walnut Canyon National Monument : a short trail descends past many cliff-dwelling rooms.

    • Sunset crater : wahou, it is the first time that I saw something like that. It was a real surprise because in spite of the name, I did not expect that. Along the trail, the hardened lava is black and appears fresh as it has devastated the forest in its path.

    • Wupatki national monument : the remains of masonry pueblos, or villages, that dot the landscape are the most obvious evidence of the human endeavor in this expansive land. Ith the first eruption of sunset crater, the people had moved on and established new homes. I think it is always moving to observe as close as we did some tracks of our ancestors

  • Sedona : nestled amid majestic red sandstone formations, Sedona attracts spiritual seekers, artists and healers . New Age types believe that this area is the center of vortexes that radiate the earth’s power. Hum…. Why not ?! One thing is sure : it is wonderful, absolutely fell in love with the Devils Bridge.

And, again and again, that makes me feel really better to get out the ranch and enjoy my time traveling around. Just a perfect trip, I am delighted.

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