Whole week-break, first destination –> The Grand-Canyon.

Like all the students working here, I had a whole week-break. Before it is get too cold it was time for me to pace up and down the beauty of the Southwest. Here, adventure still loom large in this land of mountains, deserts and wide-open spaces sprawled accross Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

I would like to emphasise once again that I am still of the same opinion : thank you Couchsurfing website. I posted an event and first, a (french) mecanical engineer guy showed up (he fixed the air conditioner in my car 2 hours after we left :D). Then, a couple of rangers working in the Grand-Canyon hosted us for our two first nights. Useless to say that crashing for free in the core of the Grand-Canyon is hard to get. It was also a perfect deal to catch on the spirit within the Grand-Canyon, and I’m quoting Cosmo, our host :

« I know the Southwest, and the Canyon that serves as a reminder of what this place really is underneath the safety we work to build in it.

The southwest is harsh place: thunderstorms that burn forests to dust, winds that tear apart houses, sandstorms that scour paint from cars, snows that disconnect places from the outside world, rains that cause floods so fast you can’t outrun them, temperatures so hot you’ll die of exposure in a a day, and air so dry that your skin chaps and cracks just from moving around.

The Southwest can and will kill you if you don’t think ahead or if you lose focus. But if you can admit that you are not in control of the surroundings, that you cannot control the world around you, you can survive even in the harshest of places.

The canyon is still a remote and wild place, a little bit of the wild west that you’ve seen in the movies, There may be an ice cream shop and a cushy hotel at a single spot on the rim, but outside of the tiny little bubble of civilization there’s more than 1,300 square miles of land that hasn’t really changed in millions of years ».

After a tirade like that and some precious advices, we decided to hike all the way down the Grand-Canyon to enjoy the Colorado river show, carving the canyon over the past six million years.

  • A little pocket of heaven hidden away in the canyon called the Indian Garden.

  • 22 miles = 30 kilometers.

  • 1 500 vertical meters hight.

  • 10 hours hiking.

  • Amazing panoramas and…

  • Strong muscular aches the day after but…

  • It was worth a trip.

Pictures of the second destination ASAP.

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