Second destination –> Antelope Canyon & Bryce Canyon

Sunday November 3rd and Monday November 4th : so it was two amazing days in the Grand Canyon.

Tuesday November 5th : Page and Antelope Canyon. This stunning sandstone slot canyon was just a BLAST!!!! The best part of the trip. Inhabited by Native Americans for centuries, this region is largely made up of reservation land called Navajo Nation. That is why we joined a tour to visit the canyon. An other amazing stop at Horsehoe bend Monument, a special part of the colorado river.  I let you bet why it is called like that (pictures can be use as a clue!).

Wednesday November 6th : And… Welcome to Utah!! This oft-overlooked state is really one of nature’s most perfect playgrounds: more than 65% of the state’s lands are public, including 12 national parks and monuments like Bryce Canyon National Park (our 3rd stop). It is full of wondrous sorbet-colored pinacles and points, steeples and spires and totel-pole-shaped « hoodoo » formation. We spent our 2nd night in the car. Rum… Less fun. -10° during the night means a fucking freaking cold night and freeze all around INSIDE the car. Hurry, hurry, woke up at 6 am, ready for a wonderfull 15 miles hike all the way down the canyon at the bottom of those huge rock formations. Nothing better to warm up our selves. Used to travel like that now, I took out of the nest a good deal to have a hot and free shower at this big hotel way before the entrance of the park. Ahah.

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