End of the trip: Zion National Park and Las Vegas

Thusday November 7th: direction Zion National Park. The road 9 was a wonderful introduction to the park. It rolls past yellow sandstone before reaching an impressive gallery-dotted tunnel and 3,5 miles of switchbacks going down in red-rock splendor. Our hike choice : the Angels Landing Trail. We hiked along a one meter narrow cliffs (sometimes less) with chains to helped us. Between climbing and hiking, the several views of Zion Canyon are truly phenomenal. Arrived at the top of the trail, I heard some guys speacking french and some familiar places « Bayonne …. » and some familiar parties « fête de Bayonne » and some familiar names « Eléonore, Jeanne… ». This time, no doubt, I know this guy!!!

«  Désolée, c’est un peu cliché mais…. On se connaît non ?! »

He took his sun glasses off , his hat and….

«  ADRIEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! », a friend from Bayonne that I did not see since awhile.

Oh my god, small world. And of course, it’s been a week that we were driving to the same spots. A good surprise and good company to finish the day. Then, everybody kept going on their way…. Ah, life!!

But meetings were not done for the day. At 10 pm, we knocked at our couchsurfeuse’s place. Such a doll: she she was hosting 2 others crazy travelers at the same time. Good feelings, good connexion and same next stop: it is decided, we will share a room together in Las Vegas the night after.

Friday November 8th : Las Vegas: USA, country of contrasts and paradoxes. Las Vegas is the perfect illustration. It is the only place in the world you can see ancient hieroglyphics, the Eiffel tower and the canal of Venice in a few short hours. Sure, they are all reproductions, but in a slice of desert that is tranformed it self into one of the most lavish places on earth, nothing is halfway – even the illusions. Las Vegas is the ultimate escape. Time is irrevelant here. Thare are no clocks, just never-endings buffet and over-flowing drinks. Welcome to the dream factory where rich people loose their money, poors try to earn what they already losted, and homeless ask for some coins. Definitely not my environment and absolutely not what I am looking for.

But apparently, to really understand the american mentality Las Vegas is worth a trip… And…. I think it is more than true !!! Crazy americans. Ahah. Luckily, the 2 couchsurfers we stayed with were not  an example of the american madness.

Saturday November 9th : loooong drive to my ranch but good opportunity to pass throught the Hoover Dam who impounds Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States by volume and… To take a nap during my co-pilote was driving:)

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