Huge change : new temporary work !!!

Do you remember my friend David ? The french Mecanical engineer working in a race cars garage ? A week after our trip, noticing how cheap I traveled due to my financial situation, he suggested me to work at his garage : his boss wanted to race his car for the 25 hours of thunderhill, San Francisco, California, early december and he needed help to fix the body of his said car.

 Everything happened really fast and unexpectedly : it was a huge dilemna to desert or not my work at the ranch and to explain my decision to Bobbi and Gus… But my financial situation did not really give me the choice and luckily, Bobbi and Gus were comprehensive and assured me that their doors will always be open at anytime if I want to ride or take a break. I am so grateful to them about that.

 So I left the ranch the day after, saturday 16th of November, after throwing some of my survival stuff in my trunk. Compare to what I did at the garage, working at the ranch is similar to holidays !!!! Everything is relative, right ? My work at the garage consisted in 12 or 13 hours per day sanding, painting, sand blasting, fiber glassing, filling, sanding again, painting, sanding again… The massive use of toxic products gave me headaches, I cut my entire body because of the dangerous machines that I used and my skin did not really enjoy dirty oil skincare. Ahahah.

 But anyway, my schedules allowed me to earn a lot of money in a very short period of time. It always was a dream to know the basics stuff about cars and how to fix it. During my free time (means pretty much during the night), I was able to use the tools and the machine from the garage to completly fix my own car. It almost looks like new, I am so pride of me. I do, now, have strong mechanical skills, and as a globe-trotter, that is a precious knowledge.

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