My every day life out of work

As a real homeless with all my stuff in my trunk (food, clothing, toiletries), I roamed from a house to another one, depends how my friends were busy. And I just love this way of life !!!! A lot of work at the garage, for sure, but you know me, I like to live at 100 miles per hour. In spite of my 12 hours work days, I danced a lot, I saw my friends a lot and I continued to discover the city.

I really spent 10 crazy days in Tucson and I more than enjoy my friends and my life. I mean, it is crazy how life depends of opportunities and meetings. A special  mention to Karen’s (my dear traveler friend, see HERE) “10 wonderful people” flat share.  A moving generation solidarity rules there and I immediately  felt at home. Thank you to adopted me.  To explain simply: I am delighted and spread. The planning :

Saturday 17th of November: Curoso’s italian restaurant : A European test during my stay in USA, my taste buds loved it. So yummy. Thank you to Rudy to brought me there.

 Sunday 17th of November: Karchner caverns : yes, this caverns is still growing up, yes we saw the biggest column in Arizona and yes, it is one of the most colorful caverns in the world BUT I was so disappointed compare to Carlsbad caverns (see HERE). But anyway, it is something famous in Arizona and a part of my stay here I guess !

 Sunday 24th of November: Saint Phillipe market : ahhhhh, the enjoyments to leave in a urban area. First of all, delicious brunch at Scott’s place with his kids, Karen and Luis. On the table : crêpes !!!! Session remember for sure. (Moms, I can’t wait for your crêpes !!!) Then, we all drive to Saint Philipe Market, pacing up and down through fresh fruits and vegetables. Sooo nice. I just love this way of life.

 Tuesday 26th of November: Saint Xavier mission : the oldest European buildings still in use. Dark and moody, it is a graceful blend of Moorish, Byzantine and late Mexican Renaissance architecture. It is worth a trip.

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