Merry Christmas !!!

Does this picture really represent a Christmas in Arizona ? NObilde

At least, not mine thanks to my wonderful friends.

  • Friday 7th of December : first Christmas with Sue and Amanda. Sue, who played one of the most important part during my stay in Arizona bought us a ticket for the Nutcracker ballet as a Christmas present. Even if it was not a professional dance troupe, decorations and costumes were amazing. I just let my self go to a cozy family-christmassy cocoon. Sue : THANK YOU.

  • Saturday 8th of December : just before leaving, my friends came visiting me at my ranch. Stressful managing 7 crazy people around horses more than fun, but I hope it was the opposite for them. Second Christmas with Karen and Luis during the luminaria in Tubac. From the sunset to 9 pm, Tubac is on fire: candles and lanterns everywhere in the street, open shops with free cookies and hot apple cider around the warm fire place. Wonderful : soo cozy :-). My friends: THANK YOU.

  • Sunday 9th of December : third Christmas with Scott. His present : a flight over Tucson area and my ranch. Wahouuuuuu, I am so fortunate. It was so powerful to see my ranch from the air !!!And he let me flight !!!!! After few turns, Karen was so scary that I gave the engine control back to Scott:-D. What a Christmas present !!! Scott: THANK YOU. The day ended with the sale of my car. That plus my salary, I am ready to buy a new ticket for a new destination for a new adventure !!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVEYBODY <3. I hope your Santa Claus will be as generous as mine.

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