Bye Bye Arizona

Tuesday 10th of December: OMG, time flies bye, I could not believe that it was already my last day at the ranch!!! That was so weird. On the other hand, it is time to move on and my stay was so perfect (I did pretty much everything I wanted) that I did not have any regrets and I was not sad to leave. A huge thank you to everybody who made my stay so enjoyable and thank you Fay(Bobbi’s mother) for this last cozy and yummy dinner at your place.

Wednesday 11th of December: I left the ranch with Bobbi and Scott picked me up and drove me to Phoenix. We met Karen who was already there for her job. We spent a crazy lovely last day the three of us. Phoenix seems to be a pretty interesting city but “less sexy than Tucson”, said Karen. Ahah. We took the best picture ever with this American girl wearing a “French girl are oui bit bitter” shirt. Rudy took over from Scott and Karen who drove back to Tucson. And it was a 4th Christmas: we went to a lovely funny Christmas mood play from a Dickens’ book.

Thursday 12th of December: Rudy dropped me off to the airport, thank you very much for that. And…. Bye bye ArizonaAaAaAaAa. New destination: Tampa in Florida to visit my french uncle who lives in the USA since almost 30 years.

Friday 13rd of December: because I arrived at night the first night, I realized only the day after the beauty of my environment!! That is just another world.

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