Hello Florida, Sunshine State !!!

Friday 13th of December: hard to find a good public transportation system in USA so… My uncle Paul borrowed me a car during my stay here. So easy for me to discover the area. For my first day, I went to the Sponge Docks District of Tarpon Spring. After the first Greek immigrants arrived in this city during the 1880s, when they were hired to work as divers in the growing sponge harvesting industry, it is impossible to still find sponges excepts in the numerous shops along Dodecanese Avenue , who are still thriving as both, a historic and a current tourist destination. During the evening, we went pick my cousin Keanan up at the airport. Really nice to see him again.

Saturday 14th of December: let’s go for a day trip with my cousin in St Petersburg and its attractive harbor. But the main attraction was the stunning Salvador Dali Museum – a crown jewel among Florida cultural institutions and an opportunity to ponder the symbolism of the Hallucinogenic Toreador.

Sunday 15th of Dec ember: this time, I drove alone and I took a lonely evening by and to my self walking along the “sand like confectioner’s sugar” number 1 Beach in USA: the Siesta Key in Sarasota.

Wednesday 18th of December: Keanan needed to buy some Christmas presents in Tampa so it was also the opportunity to discover the city and its Ybor district. This historic neighborhood was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Spain, Cuba and Italy. For the next 50 years, workers in Ybor City’s cigar factories would roll millions of cigars annually.

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