Thusday 18th of December: Suzanne (my uncle’s wife) and I left my cousin Keanan and my uncle Jean-Paul in Tampa, direction Jupiter to see my third cousin: Cynthia. My trip was a family reunions or/and discovery: my cousin Keanan in Montreal in July, my cousin Eric in Kansas city in August, my uncle Jean-Paul in Tampa and then my cousin Cynthia. It has been maybe 15 years that I did not see them!!! Ahah, family stories.

 Friday 19th of December: I took a train direction the famous Miami. I dedicated my first day at Miami Beach. Who tries nothing has nothing: I picked the bigger and richer hotel and disguised my self as a rich customer to leave all my stuff to be free to explore the area. When they asked me: “number of your room?”, I answered like something definitely obvious: “pfff, there are soo many rooms in your hotel, I do not remember mine”…. And “sure, Madame, I understand, have a lovely day”.

That movie in your head of art-deco hotels, in-line-skating models, preening young studs and cruising cars? That is Ocean Drive, with the beach merely a backdrop for strutting peacocks. This confluence of waves, sunshine and exhibitionist beauty is what made South Beach (o “SoBe”) world-famous and maybe why I was disappointed. Ahah.

Saturday 20th of December: my crazy generous couch-surfer took me on a motorcycle trip around Coconut Grove area. We went to the Botanical Garden and the Green Market. It was great. The afternoon, I met my french friend Marin (he was in Montreal for the first semester) also in Miami for Christmas. We explored the Little Havana, the most prominent community of Cuban Americans in USA and its cigars smell.

Sunday 21st of December: I decided to start my day exploring the Everglades National Park with Marin by airboat. It was the opportunity to see those famous and impressive alligators (and racoons). Then, let’s return at Miami Beach to enjoy a swim in the warm water. I finished my day having a lot of fun hanging out with my cousin Cynthia and her husband Greg at a delicious restaurant and yummy cocktails bars.

Conclusion: with a lot of money to enjoy the numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs and a bunch of friends to hang out with at the beach, Miami seems to be the best destination. In my case, really nothing crazy nor interesting. This “did you see me?” world is definitely not mine.

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