Akvavit Tour – The tragedy

(Finally) the pictures of Akvavit Tour when Adèle was here (Saturday 18th of April). But what is Akvavit? 

The Danes call it “snaps”, a small, clear and potent spirit which is synonymous with the Danish culture of cosines and well-being. In the rest of the world, it’s known as aquavit, and Aalborg distils it in grand style.

“Skål”, as the Danes say. The host lifts his small glass, which is frosty from the ice-cold temperature of the aquavit. He looks at each guest and says, “Welcome.”  This is a ritual familiar to all Danes and it demonstrates the role that aquavit plays in this ancient culture. 

But it’s an essential elements when Danes come together to have a good time – with family and friends, or colleagues at work. Shaps is always on the table at Christmas lunch, at Easter or Whit Sunday but also many other occasions you will see Danes drinking Snaps.

Aquavit stems from the Latin words, aqua vitæ, or “water of life”. A fitting name, since this clear, chilly liquid with its fiery alcohol content brings colour to the cheeks, dissolves inhibitions and lubricates the tongue. It’s a social icebreaker that opens up the joviality when people meet.

Danish Distillers in Aalborg was established in 1881. It must be seasoned with cumin before it can be called aquavit. Exported to about 140 countries now, herbal aquavit was important medicine during the Middle Ages.

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THAT WAS BEFORE, in a time of happiness and naivety. Our guide was really moved to announce us that Aalborg Akvavit factory is closing its doors (we took the last chance to visit it) and moves to Sweden…. That is definitely not gonna make the relations better between those two countries…

My condolences, it is a big loss for Aalborg city…

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