Guadeloupe – Episode 1: Michael

Hello everyone!  I’m Michael and I have the great honor of being a  guest author to post an article on La Globetrotteuse. I hope you will enjoy my little contribution.

Thusday 17th of December 2015 to Monday 28th of December: Christmas in Guadeloupe

30 degrees and white wine on the terrace overlooking crystal-clear waters; life is exactly as good as expected on this little butterfly island in the middle of the Caribbean. For a Dane like me who is used to dark and cold weathers at this time of year it is hard to imagine that we count the 22nd of December and that Christmas is just around the corner. The Christmas mood has snuck in, though, as some plastic pine-branches with the help of Fanny’s magic touch has now been turned into a beautiful Christmas tree full of shining lights and staffage lighting up the apartment. Great!

Spendig a few days in Guadeloupe is enough to understand that it is an island with many faces. Apart from its well-deserved reputation as a tropical paradise, it is also a place marred by strong racial segregation (read rich white and poor black) – a remaining proof of one of the darker chapters of World history; Colonization. Today’s visit to the brand new Mémorial ACTe – the Caribbean Center of Expressions and Memory of the Slave Trade and Slavery, was a strong reminder of Europe’s destructive capabilities and of the continuing struggle for freedom for a large part of the world’s population.

For the most part however, Guadeloupe is an island of joy, buzzing with activity that draws you in, easily making you forget traffic jams and a stubborn population of “je-ne-parle-pas-anglais”- French. During my first days on the island I’ve had the pleasure of being guided through its beautiful scenery, visiting underwater caves and local markets with artisanal crepes and coconut ice-cream. Next up is a the city if Point à Pitre, the western wing of the island and a visit to one of the World’s most renowned coffee farms – the Grivelière. What more can one ask?

I can’t wait. And I am happy and grateful to spend my Christmas as a guest in the home of the wonderful Augereau family, counting Marc, Catherine, Benjamin & Fanny. Being away from home I could not imagine a better place to spend my holidays. Merry Christmas to you all, and Joyeux Nwel as they say in Creole.

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