Happy Loving Partying Sharing Birthday

Je remercie Léa, Aurore, Adèle, Adel, Alex, Constant, Cécile, Arnaud, Marc, Tanguy et Antoine d’avoir fait des kilomètres pour venir célébrer mon anniversaire. Soirée tellement pleine d’amour que c’est émouvant!

Je donne la parole à Alex, Alex mon acolyte adoré du Danemark (ICI, ICI &  ICI) qui a parcouru des centaines de kilomètres pour venir me visiter pour une semaine et à qui je dois une année danoise si réussie!


Why? Fanny’s birthday.

Where? Brest, this romantic little town in the Bretagne.

When? From the 25th of June until the 2nd of July.

Saturday, 25th

I took some time off from work and decided to follow Fanny’s invitation to her 25th birthday (although she claims it’s her 24th birthday) which she decided to celebrate in Brest.

After a 24 hour journey I eventually arrived in Brest. It is the first time of my life I set foot on French ground and therefore I am excited and over-perceptive of the people around me and the hustle and bussle on the streets. After a few minutes’ walk from the central station to an unknown direction, I saw some of my typical German stereotypes already confirmed:

    – everything a bit messier than in Germany

    – food is a bit tastier than in Germany (I got myself an Eclaire at the bakery)

    – traffic lights are usually ignored by pedestrians

    – People do walk around with baguettes under their arms

Only 15 minutes later I found Fanny’s apartment (to my own surprise). It was great to see her and Arnaud again and she introduced me to Cecil (who was baking a cheesecake) and her flatmate Adel. It is a strange thing but I felt at home in an instant. All of Fanny’s friends are the kindest and coolest people in whole France and Fanny always manages to design her living space in a very cosy and artistic way! Just a few drinks later her friends from Paris (sorry, I forgot their names :D) arrived. Adel’s remarkably nice and funny friend Sebastian offered me to try a baguette. He said it is the best baguette in whole France and that I definitely should try it. Well, ok, polite as I am I followed the invitation to try the pride of French patisserie… and – it definitely is the best baguette in France! And if it is the best baguette in France, it is the best baguette in the world! This was a masterpiece of French baking tradition and it was actually voted the best baguette by some expert panel. Now I started to understand why every third person on the street is equipped with a baguette under their arm and how disappointed I am with the thing we call ‘baguette’ in Germany. After some dining and some drinks, the birthday took its course and we ended up in a nice bar at the harbor in Brest. It was an awesome night full of fine food and wine, nice conversations, dancing and full of friendly and lovely French people ☺ Thanks to all of you French peoples ☺. This night definitely touched the Frenchness in me.

My following days in France were packed with a looot of awesome baguettes, cheese, crepes and vine. Aside from that, Fanny, Arnaud and I went to visit the Point Saint Mathieu. This very site is exactly how I know the Bretagne from TV and from postcards: a rugged coastline, a roaring sea splashing against the cliffs, an impressive lighthouse next to the ruins of a monastery! This is the concentration of the Bretagne and a really breathtaking experience. Thank you France for being so beautiful!

Another very memorable Bretagne experience was the visit of the town Le Conquet. Le Conquet is a picturesque town that lived of fishery and served as a maritime fort in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a weekend retreat for stressed French city dwellers and mostly German tourists. And indeed, it’s tiny but well preserved town center is a journey back into the Middle Ages and its cuisine is absolutely typical Bretagne: the origin of the crepes (from Bretagne) which we enjoyed with some awesomely fruity cidre! How I miss you, French cuisine!

All good things come to an end – my last night in Brest arrived. However, this was not a typical last night how you know it in Hollywood movies. This last night happened to be the opening of the annual maritime festival in Brest. As a consequence around 10-15 of Fanny’s highschool friends came to Brest to visit this spectacle. We started with a meet and greet and a few drinks at the quayside and boarded a booze-cruise that took us around the shoreline of Brest. We could enjoy the nice view of the city to the one side and the (wilder) shoreline to the other side. All while getting drink after drink on the boat and a DJ that got gradually better and better with time. It all started pretty smooth and mellow and ended in a huge mess with the crowds going pretty wild after only 1,5 hours. This evening started out great and became an unforgettable mess in Brest’s nightlife scene.

All in all this was an unforgettable and French experience par excellence! Thanks to all your awesome friends and for your great friendship. Adieu y au revoir France! ☺

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